Information Links

18. About Coronavirus:
About Coronavirus.pdf

17. Managing Anxiety and Stress:
Managing Anxiety and Stress During Covid-19.pdf

16. Vulnerable Groups:
Vulnerable Groups.pdf

15. Social Distancing:
Social distancing.pdf

14. Know the Difference - Self-isolation and Monitering:
Know the difference.pdf

13. Cleaning Tips:
Cleaning Tips.pdf

12. Hand Washing Tips:
Hand Washing Tips.pdf

11. Mayor Update March 19, 2020:
Mayor Update March 19, 2020.pdf

10. Healthy Outdoor Activities:
Being Healthy in the Great Outdoors.pdf

9. PSA Notice of Hamlet Office Closures:
Hamlet PSA March 18 2020.pdf

8. Learning Activities for Kids Stuck at Home:
Scholastic Learn at Home.jpg

7. PSA Notice of Closures:
Hamlet PSA March 16 2020.pdf

6. Tips Regarding COVID-19:
Tips Regarding COVID-19.pdf

5. Tips to Minimize Risk:
Tips to Minimize Risk.pdf

4. PSA False Posting:
Notice of False Posting.pdf

3. Multi-Cultural Event Cancellation:
Multi-Cultural Event Cancellation.pdf

2. Municipal Council's Response:
Municipal Council's Response.pdf

1. Municipal Initial Response:
Municipal Initial Response.pdf