*PUBLIC NOTICE - Reminder* Residential Garbage Schedules

May 15, 2019


To all residential units, please take note of the following map and which area you are located in:

Area 1 - Green - Monday
Area 2 - Purple - Tuesday
Area 3 - Pink - Wednesday

These areas coincide with what day your garbage is picked up. Garbage is picked up ONCE A WEEK for all residential units. PLEASE ensure that your garbage is at the curb either the night before your pickup day, or BEFORE 8AM on the morning of your pickup day. Garbage bins have been, or can be, provided to store garbage and be brought to the street-side when ready for pickup. These are also important to keep animals out of the garbage while it is waiting to be picked up. If you forget to take out your garbage to be picked up, it will not be picked up until the next day. Our community is growing and we have to be efficient in our services, please be sure to have garbage in appropriate bags - no loose garbage!