Infrastructure Projects 2012-2017

As a result of the recent growth and development in Cambridge Bay, the community has seen significant investment in capital projects and infrastructure development. Some of these projects include:

Canadian High Arctic Research Station:

  • $188 million project ($142 million for construction of the facility - $46 million for Science and Technology pilot projects in the community prior to the facility opening July 1, 2017)
  • Project start 2010, completion 2017

Kitikmeot Inuit Association Office Building:

  • $20 - $25 million project
  • Project start 2012, completion 2014
  • This is a KIA funded project. The office will be home to KIA, NTI and the Kitikmeot Corporation.

Municipal Office:

  • $9.5 million project
  • Project Start 2013, completion 2014
  • Construction of a new Hamlet office located close to the dock.     

Airport Upgrade Project (phase 1):

  • $16 million project for airport upgrades and improvements
  • Start date 2013, completion 2016
  • This is the first phase of a three phase Airport Improvement Master Plan. This phase includes widening the runway, expanding the apron, upgrade and improve airport lighting and replacing the fuel distribution system.

Water System Project:

  • $12 million investment in the Cambridge Bay water system
  • Project Start 2013, completion 2016
  • This project includes a new water treatment plant, new intake pump house, upgrades and extensions to the waterline.

Fuel Tank Farm:

  • $22 million investment to construct a new Fuel Tank Farm
  • Project start 2012, completion 2015
  • This project will construct a new tank farm outside of the community core. The current fuel storage capacity will not be sufficient to accommodate the projected growth of the community over the next five years. The existing tank farm will be decommissioned and the land will be reclaimed.

Nunavut Arctic College Residence and Daycare:

  • $10.5 million projec6
  • Project start 2013, completion 2017
  • This is a 2-phase project. Phase 1 has been approved in the capital budget for construction of NAC residence. Phase 2 is currently going through the scoping process and is being evaluated. Phase 2 will see construction of a new NAC Campus and Mine Training Centre.

Nunavut Housing Corporation:

  • $8.8 million project
  • Project Start 2013, completion 2015
  • Construction of two 10-plex housing units (2 x $4.4 million). The first is a Government of Nunavut staff housing 10-plex (project will begin 2013 with completion 2014). The second is a Nunavut Housing Corp public housing 10-plex (project will begin 2014 with completion 2015).